Ikhaya - youth and home 

Ikhaya is our latest initiative. This word means "home" in Xhosa.


Through this programme, we accommodate children who could not complete the mainstream school system into an alternative educational system that will take them off the streets, give them back their self-worth and assist them in entering the mainstream economy once they turn 18. There is a theoretical component to the programme as well as a practical component.


Children from the age of 14 to 18 are taught English, Afrikaans, and Maths, but they are also given the opportunity to learn practical skills such as woodwork, mechanical work, etc. The children create educational toys as well as home development solutions such as solar energy lamps and furniture that is suitable for low-cost housing. These items are then sold at very affordable prices to the local communities.


A dualistic approach is followed: We are developing our youth and cultivating self-worth in them, but we are also at the same time creating practical solutions for homes in areas where people are living in poverty. Our children are very proud of what they create and through the process, they develop immensely as young adults.

The programme is still only in its foundational phase and there are many other ideas that could still be incorporated. Therefore this is an ideal opportunity for volunteers to engage with us in order to further packed out what we offer. We encourage you to contact us if you are moved by what we do and think that you could help us. 

Our practical learning involves the following areas:








Mechanical Work

RESA_mechanical work.png

Arts & Crafts