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There are many ways in which you could get involved with RESA. If you are as passionate about rural education as us and have a few hours in a month to spare, please let us know. There are many little tasks that we need volunteers' assistance with.


We want to transform the fabric of our communities by empowering our young ones. They are destined to become the agents who will drive change in the future and we have an opportunity to impact their lives, preparing them for that future.


If you are in a position to become a funder of our project, please contact us and discuss funding options. 

Even if you cannot support us with your time or your funds, we ask that you keep our project in your prayers. We know that God is faithful and will provide for all the needs of the children that we serve in abundance. We invite you to stand with us in our faith!

Donating Money


Any contribution, big or small, will be hugely appreciated! But here are some suggestions for you:

  • Sponsor a learner at R1,500 per month. This monthly donation covers all costs associated with the child attending school including a portion of the teacher’s salary, food, books, equipment and uniform.

  • Fuel a bus at R10,000 per month. To run and maintain school transport is a costly affair but essential to enable learners in rural areas to be able to attend school safely and regularly. This monthly donation covers fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and the salary of a driver. Businesses will have the opportunity to brand the bus with their corporate identity.

  • Sponsor a teacher's toolkit at R450 per month. This monthly donation provides a teacher with stationery, craft materials, innovative resources, equipment and funding for outings for one learner.


If you have time to spare and a willing heart to serve then please do get in touch with us as we would love to hear from you.


Perhaps you love reading to children and would like to come to assist on a weekly basis? Or maybe you could be an extra pair of hands on an outing? Maybe your church or community group would like to spend a day helping us with maintenance or gardening projects?

The possibilities for volunteering are endless. If children are your passion and you have a few extra hours, contact us!

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We believe in the power of prayer. We believe that we serve a mighty God and what we are doing here is an act of obedience, based on what He has pressed upon our hearts.

Prayer support is key to the success of our organisation and just as important as practical and financial support.


We invite you to become a prayer warrior for the communities that we serve. Commit to pray regularly for the children in our care.


Email us to register your commitment and to ensure you receive regular news to aid your prayer time.


  • RURAL EDUCATION (general account)
    ABSA Hermanus, Branch No: 632006
    Account No: 407 850 5593


    ABSA Hermanus, Branch No: 632006
    Account No: 408 497 4087


    ABSA Hermanus, Branch No: 632006
    Account No: 408 497 4273


    ABSA Hermanus, Branch No: 632006
    Account No: 408 916 9635


Please contact us if you make a donation by EFT so that we can thank you personally for your gift.




If you have any questions about our program or would

like to get involved in any way:

We have a central office in Stanford from which we manage the admin for all of our schools.



27  Kleine  Street, Stanford, 7210




Cell:  082 604 4083

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Langverwacht Farm, Papiesvlei, Stanford




Cell:  082 604 4083

19 Kleine Street, Stanford




Cell:  082 604 4083

Blouvleiweg, Wellington.




Cell:  082 604 4083

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