Rural Education SA is an initiative of the Fynbos Community Foundation. It has sprung from our passion to invest in the needs of children in our local community by providing them with the quality education they deserve.


What originally started as an informal daycare centre established by a fynbos farmer in Stanford over a decade ago, has since grown and developed into a network of three fully-fledged academies - each of which is registered as independent schools with the Department of Education!


The original daycare centre established on the farm was set up to provide a safe place for children to go after school whilst their parents were out working. However, once opened, it did not take long for the teachers in charge to realise that most of the children in their care were far behind where they should be academically. The local primary school was oversubscribed, over-burdened and did not have the time or resources to give the children the attention they needed. Many children’s parents were also not equipped to give them the educational support needed as most parents were working full-time and some were poorly educated themselves.


It was gradually realised that these children needed help so the decision was made to upgrade the daycare centre and turn it into a facility which provides professionally qualified educators to assist with daily homework and extra tuition in literacy and numeracy required to enable each child to reach their full potential.


This centre ended up becoming our first academy and, being located on a fynbos farm, was re-named Fynbos Academy. Two other academies were also established: Hoopland Academy (Stanford) and Blouvlei Academy (Wellington).

Today, Rural Education SA (RESA) is a growing network of independent Christian schools which provide quality education for children in need in rural areas of the Western Cape of South Africa. Furthermore, we have a youth development programme, IKhaya. Through this programme, assistantships in various areas are given to provide confidence and valuable skills. Thus, creating an encouraging future.

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